Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Please note the image above, which shows a commercial building -- or more specifically a rear perspective of such -- located in the north east corner of Ohio City.  This photo was taken this past winter.  Particularly note the wall "treatment" on the rear wall.  Apparently the "threadbare-rug" look is being suggested as the next exterior-wall-covering trend.  This almost makes one want to wish for a revival of aluminum siding (not that it could have been successfully attached to a masonry building like this, but, on the other hand, how did they get all these discarded rug fragments to adhere to the building?). This 'modern' form of 'abstract' expression can, perhaps, be expected in this particular 'enclave'.  Much like Key West having once tried to be a sovereign nation called the Conch Republic, it appears that a few of the business owners in this section have been trying to convey that, suddenly, this section is no longer part of Ohio City -- hence coming up with a name that seems like it ought to belong to a specialty hardware store.  Perhaps applying a few more "avant garde" decorating schemes to more of the nearby structures will cause Ohio City, out of embarrassment, to 'disown' this section.  (Was this the devious plan, all along?)  Hey -- what about covering the next building with discarded, bald tires???
                                                                                                                                                       -- C. B.

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