Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ohio City Follies - What We're About

Ohio City Follies
Webster’s defines “folly” as “the lack of good sense or judgment … a foolish act or idea.” When considering information deemed historic, the acceptance by most people of misinformation is not folly, but is due to the innocent lack of well-documented information. On the other hand, when primary historic documentation is willfully ignored, those that refuse to accept factual information and continue to embrace unfounded history that is nothing more than legend are demonstrating a lack of good sense by retaining a foolish idea which is simply folly. This is not to imply that we have all the answers or have found all the primary documentation out there. But a real effort has been made to present information that has solid documented proof behind it. Although no area of the country is free of historic follies, the focus of this blog is to periodically submit articles that shed some factual light on persistent misinterpretations of local history. The subject for most of the articles is an early 19c historic neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, known as Ohio City. The goal is to enhance the real historic facts and fabric of this, Cleveland’s oldest cohesive historic neighborhood.

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